Minimalist Fashion

After looking at Minimalism and a lot of different artists relating to the style, I began to become quite inspired about the way that minimalist designers can create beautiful works from using the “bare minimum”. I find it really interesting how basic designs can sometimes be more complex, with more thought behind it than for example, an extremely detailed landscape painting, where every is laid out in front of you, where as minimalism can be down to interpretation. After looking at the artists up to this point, I decided that for this project, I wanted to look at fashion and go back to my textiles roots from A Level and previous projects from the Art Foundation course, with the potential to incorporate make up, as I did in my last project. As a designer I feel that I am more drawn to minimalistic pieces, even though I do really love and appreciate designers such as Balmain, who does a lot with heavy embellishment and detail, however I am really intrigued by the idea of creating fascinating, stripped back pieces.



Minimalist Fashion

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