15 Ways You Know You’re A Calvin Klein Minimalist



Here are the commandments of the die-hard minimalist, the Calvin Klein girl through and through who’s no muss, no fuss—and always looks achingly chic.
Paola Kudacki

1. The other brands you’ll wear include Narciso Rodriguez, Jil Sander, Zero + Mario Cornejo, The Row and Alexander Wang.

2. Your idea of evening wear is a silk spaghetti strap slip dress—please keep the accoutrement away from your body.

3. The Golden Age of Fashion for you will always be the 1990s.

4. The LBD isn’t a staple, it’s a way of life.

5. Purity in style is akin to purity of mind and body to you—too much clutter overwhelms your psyche.

6. Your color palette consists of mainly black and white but you’ll wear navy if you’re feeling bold.

7. Prints? Why would anyone wear prints? They’re for walls and young children only.

8. Tailoring is a way of life. All of your clothing fits like it was made for you and only you.

9. You’ve never met a statement shoe that you’ve liked.

10. You are partial to slides, mules and pumps that are well designed and simple.

11. Your style icons include Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Vanessa Traina, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Olsen—most of the time.

12. Boho is a bad word.

13. Jewelry, if ever worn, should be delicate, personal and, yes, simple.

14. Your beauty look is unfussy as well—you’re all about no makeup makeup, possibly a red lip, wash and dry hair or a loose, low bun.

15. You’ve always secretly wondered why you weren’t born in Japan—the arguable homeland of aesthetic restraint. Your motto is less is more and more is so gauche.

Plus, how to tell if you’re a Céline classicist, a romantic, or boho chic.

15 Ways You Know You’re A Calvin Klein Minimalist

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